Instructions for using the MesoMap coordinate generator.

  • Using your mouse, you can drag the map to your desired part of the world.
  • You can zoom the map as needed using the Zoom In and Zoom Out links.
  • You can choose your map provider (Google or Microsoft) and map type (Map, Satellite or Hybrid) by clicking
    on Show Controls.
  • Hide Controls clears the controls and leaves the map clean prior to taking a screen snap.
  • As you drag or resize the map, the coordinates will be automatically updated.
  • If you want to use the map in your MesoMap pages you should use a screen capture utility such as FastStone
    to save as a .JPG.
  • Disclaimer: while Google and Microsoft permit me to put dynamic maps on my site, you should check the
    appropriate T&Cs before using the maps on your own web site.

Click here to return to the coordinate generator.
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