CobbNZ.COM Windows Vista Gadget
Developed by Chris Crowe [ IIS MVP ] for Weather.CobbNZ.Com

Configuration Screen

  • Latest version 1.8
    released 6th April 2007

  • Free, all source code is included. If you modify the gadget we ask that you retain the links to the following: Developed by Chris Crowe for 
  • Background image changes, based on time of day, temperature & current conditions
  • User configurable display refresh rates
  • User configurable data refresh rates
  • Configurable for use with weather stations around the world
  • Metric and Imperial measurements
  • Displays charts of temperature, barometric pressure and rainfall
  • While the gadget is running in the sidebar you can click on the surface of the gadget to get an expanded view of the current weather conditions and trends.

Please send any feedback to Chris at

Weather Gadget Flyout

Download Now
  The Vista Gadget can be downloaded by clicking here

Version 1.8 was released on 6th April 2007

Change History

We had a problem with the 1.7 release because I pushed up the new version (1.7) to Microsoft and when you downloaded it from there after it was approved you still got 1.5 ( I checked my version I used to update them and it was 1.7 )

I made a comment on the page saying that I would update to 1.8 so people would not that it was working again.

No other changes were made.

There was a bug ( extra "." in the key) in the updating of the time for the next check for a new version - This caused the update check to occur every time the gadget updated its weather data.

We changed some of the code so that if it requests weather data and it gets an HTTP 200 success but the data returned is "" it will retry 10 times once every 3 seconds.

We never noticed this before but the site was moved from a home server to and this required the data for Fendalton to be uploaded by FTP to the godaddy server. There appears to be issues (not sure with godaddy or weather display) where the file is left ""

Some of the messages are now smaller when an error occurs so instead of "ClientRaw Header Missing" it is simply "Missing Header"

If an error occurs the spinner object is not shown when it does its updates.

Never released - used by some internal testers only.

More weather sites needed!

If you have a Weather site that exposes the Weather Display clientraw.txt file to the Internet please feel free to add
your site to our directory. Once your site is added, any user of the Vista gadget will then be able to display your weather details.


Currently 2°C with a barometric pressure of 1033.8 hPa